Prospect Linked

Email lookups using Prospect Linked

Prospect Linked will lookup business email addresses and company telephone numbers using our database of publicly available information. By entering an employee’s first name, last name and the company website, Prospectlinked searches our massive database to see if we can find any matching records. If no matching records can be found, Prospect Linked will attempt to guess the email address of the person by looking at other email addresses we have found from the same company.

Using Email Patterns to Guess Email Addresses

Prospect Linked maintains a massive database of business email addresses. By using this database and summarizing the pattern used by each company, it becomes possible to correctly guess email addresses for people which do not exist in our database. For example, if at a particular domain, we have database records for 200 employees and 96% of the email addresses follow a pattern of, then it is fairly easy to assume most email addresses at that company follow a similar pattern.

Knowing the Difference Between an Exact Match or a Best Guess Email Address

Prospect Linked clearly indicates if the email search results in an exact match or a best guess result. Exact match results also return a URL where the email address was originally found. This provides proof the email was publicly available online. Best Guess results are indicated with “Best Guess” where the URL would normally appear in exact matches.

Finding Private Email Addresses on Prospect Linked

Prospect Linked’s database is limited to only business email address searches. We intentionally exclude all email addresses from the hundreds of free email providers like,,, etc