Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Prospect Linked is a sophisticated email guessing platform. You provide the system a person’s first and last name and the domain where they work (i.e.,, and our system will return their email address using our large database of valid addresses.

Email addresses normally follow patterns and our database has the most likely patterns stored by domain. By crawling the publicly available internet, we locate email addresses and determine the patterns used at each company.

We do not track, organize, or provide personal email addresses. Prospect Linked only provides information relating to work email addresses.

How accurate is Prospect Linked?
Each email comes with an accuracy score ranging from 1-16. Lowest numbers are best, and you can use this ranking system to filter what addresses you use. If you would like to Test the email accuracy of Prospect Linked, try to look up a few email addresses that you know are good, and see how close we come to what you know is correct. If you’d like to do a more thorough test, we are happy to provide free credits to enable your testing.

What happens if an email bounces?
We work hard to minimize it, but on rare occasions a bounce may occur. If you receive bounces, collect them into a file and send us a note. We will gladly issue a credit.

What if I try Prospect Linked, but decide it’s not the right choice for my business? Can I get my money back?
Your plan may be cancelled at any time. Cancellation involves stopping payment for renewal when your plan expires. If you are currently subscribed to a plan, change it to “one time purchase” and when your month finishes, you will not be charged again.

What if I don’t use all of my credits for a month?
Credits do not roll forward. Every credit has an expiration date — usually 30 days, but sometimes longer. Purchase what you need and you can always add more if you start to run low.

Do you offer discounts for buying in bulk?
If you are working on a large list, or need more than 10,000 emails generated per month, contact us and we will work with you on a pricing plan that fits your business requirements.

Do you have an API?
Yes, we offer an API. Here is a link to the documentation.

Do you work with Google Sheets?
Yes, we support appending to Google Sheets. Here is a link to the extension and documentation.

Do you work with Excel files?
Yes, you can directly upload Microsoft Excel files with the extension of .xls and .xlsx

Is this legal?
Yes, our system only accesses publicly available information. However, sending mass unsolicited or irrelevant emails to people you don’t know is called spamming. Prospect Linked assumes no responsibility for inappropriate or illegal use of email addresses obtained through our site.

I have more questions. Can I call you?
Yes! If you have further questions, just schedule a conversation via our contact form.

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