Business Email Append Service

Upload a file of names to Prospectlinked


Download a list of email addresses, telephone numbers and street addresses


You know your customers and prospects want to hear from you by email, and you want to keep them informed with news about your products and services. But sometimes, email addresses are missing from your contact records or they get stale and outdated. We can help. Upload your list of names and our service will match it against a comprehensive, constantly updated database of millions of records. With industry-leading match rates, we’ll add as many business email addresses, street addresses and telephone numbers as possible using our File Append service.

How Email Append Works

Our email append process is designed to be both accurate and fast. We will match your list of names against our database to append as many emails, telephone numbers and street addresses as possible.

  1. Upload your file to us via our upload page.
  2. We match your list against our internal database of contact information.
  3. We append quality email addresses, telephone numbers and street addresses to your list, automatically excluding emails that are likely to bounce.
  4. You download your appended file with fresh email addresses after a few minutes of processing.
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