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While working in a sales position for a small software company, I needed a way to get in front of prospective customers and present the product we had just released. I could easily write an opening email, but I needed to somehow build a list of email addresses of people likely to become customers.

I started doing some searches and found a number of vendors online that would gladly sell me “targeted” prospect lists. I purchased a couple of lists and started reaching out. I quickly learned about half of the emails would bounce back and the telephone numbers were either wrong, disconnected, or the person hadn’t been with the company for over 6 months.

I then tried to track each email address down individually — going to a company’s website and taking note of the format of an email address provided. Over and over, hundreds of times. This turned out to be much more accurate, but it was time-consuming.

Surely there must be a better way. Why should this be such a tough problem to solve?

I realized this process must be followed by thousands of sales and marketing people daily. All spending countless hours running down email addresses and telephone numbers.

Which is where Prospect Linked comes in. We automated the process of searching the internet for email patterns. By entering the correct firstname and lastname into the form, we will almost instantly return the correct email address and the webpage where we found it. If we’ve never seen that particular person’s email address but have lots of examples of a consistent pattern used by the domain, we will make an educated guess by following a similar pattern.

In the coming weeks and months, I hope to continue to build out and refine I have many ideas for additional tools that help salespeople be more productive at work and increase their odds of success.

Keep checking back with us to see how we can help you succeed in your sales role.

David Jacobs

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